Last-Mile Delivery Platform for Logistics

Technology Overview

The future of last-mile delivery is highly dependent on the evolution of e-commerce, which is why the way companies choose to operate today has changed dramatically. One of the biggest drivers of this change has been the growth of online retail, which is growing exponentially, with an immense surge in the number of digital buyers in Asia Pacific alone. The on-demand delivery economy lives up to our modern era as it allows businesses to simplify operations and make deliveries more efficient through tech. The on-demand delivery sector focuses on web-based or mobile technology by offering software and applications which have features like live mapping and accurate navigation for drivers, route optimization, notifications to keep customers informed and analytics to better forecast future delivery needs. On-demand delivery connects a seeker and a provider to a service, allowing the seeker to get an item delivered anywhere in the city at a preferred time slot. This concept is highly connected to technology as it allows any consumer, small business owner or corporate to plug-and-play a supply chain solution on-demand based on proximity, distance, and time slots, allowing you to reduce costs and increase flexibility and efficiency.

Technology Features & Specifications

Automated dispatching of orders to your in-house or contract drivers; the orders can be placed up to 30 minutes before the requested pickup time Route optimization to better plan daily deliveries and ultimately reduce costs Live tracking of driver movement which allows you to dispatch last-minute orders on-the-go, track and access records for all past orders Intuitive iOs and Android driver apps for your mobile workforce Powerful live dashboard for management Analytics module to make fast decisions and identify peak hours, seasonality, as well as forecast future delivery needs Fleet management of both in-house drivers and contractors White label, API, customization are available to seamlessly integrate with existing 3rd-partysystems Automated SMS notifications to have more visibility into order status

Potential Applications

The delivery management solution allows businesses to control the supply chain without (fully) owning it, while making use of a dedicated support team that assists businesses to flourish with the use of our system. Our platform provides a fully-customized service, giving businesses a better control of all elements related to last-mile delivery. For businesses involved inmaking deliveries and managing a fleet of drivers (whether in-house or contracted), our delivery management software can help streamline their operations.

Customer Benefits

Real-time notification with estimated time of arrival (ETA) calculation and seamless communication Optimized route planning to create a smart and efficient delivery route which saves time and cost Data visualisation and analytics which allow users to forecast delivery needs and focus on client retention Order workflow management to have control of the last-mile and track potential delays Tapping into a pool of freelance drivers to expand businesses' existing fleet of drivers and maintaining a healthy delivery ecosystem

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