LBS (Location Based Service) Platform

Technology Overview

We offer a cloud-based PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) / SaaS (Software-as-a-service) types of LBS (location-based service) which provides necessary software library and application for both indoor and outdoor navigation environment. This technology service selects and/or combines navigation methodologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE Beacon, or UWB and provide optimized “hybrid” navigation to understand “real-time location and kinematic” conditions of assets and people in the place of interest. Also this technology service provides intelligence through data analytics and visualization for wide variety of applications and end-users including M.I.C.E, Medical, Nursing, Construction, Logistics, Manufacturing, Education, and many others.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our LBS solution functions in both outdoor and indoor environment seamlessly where end-users intend to monitor, understand, and visualize their asset and people at their place of interest in a real-time manner. We also provide aggregation of information logs coming through navigation data and perform data analytics through our suite of functions. Customer receives core LBS and navigation functionalities from our platform with preferred navigation methodology, hence they can focus on “specific application development and consultation” enhancing customer’s output and quality of service using our “ready-to-go” LBS platform.

Potential Applications

Our LBS platform and functionality can be applied in various fields where customer needs to monitor, understand, and visualize “kinematic” information of their assets and people including potential applications in the following business fields. Patient and Medical device location and flow line analytics in hospital and nursing home. M.I.C.E. application including harnessing with business-advertising, person matching, and person searching in the venue. Optimization of people behavior trends (i.e. comparison between trained professional and newly trained personnel) and hardware object flow line in logistics, construction, and manufacturing industries. Co-function with IoT and device information such as malfunction, overturning, and location related alert or data coming through devices on robot, objects, etc. to enhance safety countermeasure.

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