License Plate Recognition and Car Detection

Technology Overview

License Plate Recognition (LPR) system can be deployed all day to perform surveillance and illegal parking deterrence and reduce reliance on human resources.

It can also help to improve customer relationship management when the human resource is limited, for example, LPR system could identify VIP's license plate and allow the LPR system’s user to have more response time to prepare for the arrival of VIPs.

Typical technical challenges for LPR include low-resolution images, illumination issues, unstandardized fonts, etc.

With the help of Car Detection, the LPR system can more effectively locate and identify the license plate information.

Technology Features & Specifications

The LPR and Car Detection are developed based on Deep Learning technology, which offers better accuracy, as compared to conventional technologies.

Traditionally, however, GPU is required to run Deep Learning.

We have developed a system such that it can run in low-end hardware resources, without the need of having GPU while maintaining the high accuracy offered by Deep Learning.

Potential Applications

The system can be used in Tailgating Detection System in car parks, to identify tailgating vehicles in real time.  The system will instantly records the video footage if tailgating is detected, allowing for automatic identification of license plate number.

The system may be applied to other applications, such as road traffic surveillance, vehicle management, etc.

Customer Benefits

Customer can have system with high accuracy and low complexity at the same time.

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