Lifestyle Biomarker Assessments - The Future Of Lifestyle Insight

Technology Overview

The technology enables rapid and accurate detection of lifestyle biomarkers while being user friendly, non-invasive (test based on saliva or urine sample - no blood required), and low cost. The platform technology enables detection and quantification of lifestyle-related biomarkers (including stress, active lifestyle impact, sleep effectiveness, and training). Based on this data, personalised recommendations can be made for interventions, nutrition, training, lifestyle interventions or others.

The technology allows for the assessment of current biomarker profile, development of optimal progression plan attuned to needs, and tracking of progress of these intervention plans. It creates new opportunities for professionals, active individuals, athletes, trainers, associations & institutions, insurers, wellness services and many others. Individuals gain access to better personalised services, while brand owners have new opportunities to interact with their consumers.

Technology Features & Specifications

Current quantitative applications mostly rely on laboratory based immuno-assays, such as ELISA, and are limited in speed and accessibility

The technology is a platform system for ELISA point-of-care with a USB-like device that enables accurate quantification of biomarkers. It is based on a medical diagnostics platform, adapted for non-invasive, non-medical lifestyle assessments.  

Potential Applications

The technology is a point-of-care technology that can be used with a range of antibody-based assays. It is targeted at applications that require fast, accurate, and low cost non-invasive measurement of biomarkers. Additionally, the platform is designed to allow frequent assessments, to measure and track changes in biomarker expression as a consequence of changes in lifestyle. The data and insights generated will be of great value for:

  • Stress measurement and quantification
  • Wellness programs
  • Optimized recovery plans for athletes
  • Personalized nutrition and supplementation plans
  • Direct B2C data-based interaction to enhance brand engagement and loyalty

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