Light Based Ecosystem for a Smarter and Sustainable Agriculture

Technology Overview

This technology platform is a horticultural LED light based-ecosystem for smarter plant production including food crops.

As urban farming becomes nowadays more and more present in modern cities, the platform can play facilitator role to manage city productions in efficient manner. Indeed, it is designed to be easily integrated in all indoor and greenhouse producer’s systems setup (compatible with industrial protocols manly used in greenhouses).

This technology platform is automatizing tool for growing processes and data analyses, from scientific researches to production system through the use of the artificial intelligence (AI). The system can determine which method of growing is most performing according the producer’s objectives (chemical use reduction, growth control, crops taste and nutritional properties improvements).

Basically, it uses LED, sensors, cameras, embedded computers, AI, an App, blockchains and cloud platforms.

Technology Features & Specifications

The first ecosystem optimized in a research to production approach

  1. Developed, designed and made in France
  2. Leading universities partners on plant production and technologies
  3. Machine learning for image recognition (phenotyping) and data analysis
  4. Automated process for strain specific light spectrum development
  5. Distributed intelligence, digital neural network and computing capacity in horticultural LED luminaires
  6. Management of biocontrol program and supplies (use of natural predator against damageable bugs)
  7. Full suite of compatible sensors and cameras
  8. Standardized database of bibliographic references and plant development analysis
  9. Meet the needs of track records and monitoring for controlled plants production for pharmaceutical use
  10. Indoor 3D localization of plants and equipments

Potential Applications

This platform can be use from the seed breeding process to laboratory analysis after harvest at production facilities as well as in research centers for crop improvement. By monitoring all parameters and a tracking of all the actions throughout the plant development processes, all the segments of the value chain of the plant productions can utilise this platform.

  1. Controlled plants production for Pharmaceutical use
  2. Urban food production
  3. Vertical farms
  4. Greenhouses
  5. Plant Breeding
  6. Young plants/Cuttings producers
  7. Laboratories/research centers
  8. Domestical food and plant production

Customer Benefits

The LED technology offers the best efficiency in the lighting industry. Combining LED with deep neural network, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cameras and deep knowledge of crop production to make an integrated open eco-system brings many benefits to growers and finally to the growing population.

  1. Improving efficiency and eco-responsibility of the growers
  2. Shorten the time and cost of development of growing process including light spectrum recipes 
  3. Increase transposability of the process from a research academic, technical institute to producers
  4. Reduce chemical use for pest and plant protection by using light, lower the environemental impact
  5. Increase food/product safety through tracking and blockchain technology
  6. Increase operator’s productivity
  7. Increase food production
  8. Enable better use of data available in literature
  9. Small and local growers can easily create an online marketplace for local customers from data of their grows

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