Location & Group-based Promotions and Notifications

Technology Overview

In this solution, location awareness technology is integrated with mobile applications (Android and IOS) to support location/group-aware interaction (e.g., delivery of mobile advertisements).  The portal technology is itself agnostic to the choice of the underlying location technology (e.g., WiFi, GPS, BLE).  The technology provides an effective CRM-like system and portal where advertisers, retailers and other venue stakeholders can specify

  1. static attributes (e.g., demographics, age) of the consumers to be targeted,
  2. dynamic attributes (e.g., whether they re alone or in a group, whether someone has passed by a shop 4 times in the last 30 minutes) that should be satisfied, and
  3. the type of engagement and content that should be delivered (e.g., SMS, in-App notification etc.).

The key novelty is the ability for the content delivery manager to specify targets based on a combination of such static and dynamic attributes, and to also utilise the same portal to receive updates on the results of such content delivery.

Technology Features & Specifications

This solution comprises

  1. a promotion portal which allows marketing team creates campaigns, promotions, locations receive, expire time, etc.,
  2. APIs for either push or pull-based notification of dynamic context information (e.g., consumer location) from an external analytics service, and
  3. a mobile codebase and library (Android and iOS) that allows such context-driven notifications and alerts to consumers to be easily added as a feature to an existing mobile application.

A variety of public venues (e.g., shopping malls, convention centres, hotels, sports facilities) can use this solution to dynamically interact with their visitors and deliver customised content (e.g., promotions, advertisements, directions) to such visitors.

Potential Applications

This solution may be applicable to the following industries, but not limited to:

Public venues:

Such as shopping malls, airport, convention centres, hotels, sports centres, parks etc. This technology allows the venue operator and venue-based businesses (e.g., retailers) to engage with their consumers and visitors in a highly personalised, context-aware manner.

Customer Benefits

This solution allows public venues to send consumers more relevant information, personalised message and targeted offers. Unlike existing solutions, which allow visitors to be segmented based on static attributes (e.g., gender and age), this approach includes the capability to consider additional dynamic attributes (e.g., the visitor s current location or whether she is alone or in a group).  While targeted advertising is an obvious use case of this technology, it can also be used in

  1. marketing trials/consumer experiments, and
  2. other forms of digital interventions and engagements (e.g., sending real-time updates about the closure of facilities towards which a consumer is headed). 

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