Logistics Forecasting Algorithm

Technology Overview

The current business dynamics has made accurate forecast a key challenge for many companies. Predicting the market accurately is identified as a prevalent best practice to streamline critical planning processes and to achieve sales and profit growth.

As a manufacturer, typical questions are often asked, for example, when to slow down or increase production? For which product families/ categories/SKUs? And for how long? In order not to miss an opportunity to capture the market demand, companies need frequently reasoned and reliable forecasting results. Forecasting with only spreadsheets can no longer afford the time and manpower to meet the increasing pace of business. A smart, handy and versatile forecasting system is in urgent need for manufacturers willing to manage their business more efficiently.

The Intelligent Forecasting System iForecasterTM is based on Optimal Forecast Technology. iForecasterTM supports companies in predicting sales, optimizing inventory, increasing cash flow, maximizing return on investment, planning marketing strategy through better visibility.

Technology Features & Specifications

iForecasterTM provides a set of algorithms for a variety of datasets. The system is equipped with an ample pool of classic and state-of-the art forecasting algorithms.

iForecasterTM is neither too weak nor too complex. Hierarchy of datasets, version control and comparison for different configurations, dynamic graphical display, run track as well as detailed reporting are effortlessly manipulated all within a few clicks.

This forecasting system has the following key distinctive features:

• Integration with existing IT environment

• Multi-version forecasting and comparison

• Multi-facet statistical analysis

• Market intelligence incorporation

• Customizable override and reporting

Potential Applications

The potential applications include:

  • Inventory Management
  • Project Management
  • Customer Management
  • HR Management
  • Machine Effectiveness
  • Quality Assurance
  • Marketing & Content Management
  • Finance Management
  • Data Analytics

Customer Benefits

iForecasterTM enables companies to:

  • reduce planning manpower effort;
  • reduce operational cost;
  • improve customer service level;
  • increased sales;
  • optimize inventory level;
  • maximize the use of cash flow;
  • set objective and achievable targets;
  • enhance marketing strategies;
  • boost return on investment.

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