Lossless Image and Video Compression with Mode-Dependent Template

Technology Overview

Lossless video and image compression allows original data to be perfectly reconstructed from compressed data, and reduces a file’s size with no loss of information. We have analyzed the problem with the existing lossless coding schemes and proposed a mode-dependent template (MD-template) based method for intra lossless coding. 

Technology Features & Specifications

By exploring the statistical redundancy of the prediction residual in current intra prediction modes, coefficients are better organized for compression. By designing a new scan order for each MD-template, the scanned coefficients sequence fits the entropy coders more efficiently. A fast implementation algorithm is also designed for efficient implementation. With slight computation increase, the proposed fast algorithm achieves significant improvement in terms of file size reduction and transmission bandwidth saving.

The lossless image and video compression technology has the following features:

  • Algorithm is designed for fast and efficient implementation of image and video compression
  • Low compression and transmission latency (no more than 1 frame)
  • High compression efficiency and low transmission bandwidth
  • Efficient to implement and modify based on existing standardized video codecs

Potential Applications

Businesses and consumers that need to store, transmit and process high fidelity videos and images.

  • Source data archive and distribution
  • Professional video/image editing
  • Medical imaging compression and transmission
  • Machine-based video analysis
  • Remote surgery

Market Trends and Opportunities

The video compression market is expected to grow at approximately USD 2.19 billion by 2023, at 4.26% of compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2017 and 2023 [1]. Since lossless videos and images require much more space and bandwidth to store and transmit, innovation in lossless compression has potential to significantly impact the video compression market. In addition, lossless coding can be part of lossy coding. Many big companies, such as Sony, Intel, Dolby, Nokia and Blackberry, keep investing to this market with various innovations, and our patent (US9,813,704 B2, ZL 2012  8 0053919.6) has been actively studied and cited by them.


Customer Benefits

  • Cost reduction for lossless video and image data storage and transmission bandwidth.
  • Low transmission and communication latency without information loss.

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