Low Cost Biogenic Minerals for Wastewater Treatment and Odour Removal

Technology Overview

The innovative bio-material is a mixture of naturally-occurring organo minerals that significantly stimulate growth of the indigenous aerobic microorganisms in wastewater and boost the removal rate of organic pollutants. The application of organo mineral by powder dispersion can significantly improve the characteristics of domestic wastewater, and can result to 60.5% total suspended solids (TSS) reduction, 93% decline in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), 83% decrease in biological oxygen demend (BOD) and 60% reduction in chemical oxygen demand (COD). Dissolved oxygen can increase significantly from 0.0 to 5.7 mg/L. Hence, the application of this technology is an effective water remediation/ treatment technology.

Its application in septic water and decomposing area in materials recovery facilities has neutralized strong septic/rotten/stink odour. Organo mineral remediation can be used for:

  • Treatment of industrial wastewater with high organic load (wastewater from food processing industries, public markets, slaughter houses, and restaurants);
  • Treatment of septic/domestic wastewater from hotels, commercial establishments, condominiums, residential communities);
  • Neutralization of strong, rotten, acrid odour from landfills, material recovery facilities, piggery, fish ports

Technology Features & Specifications

The innovative organo mineral is white powder mixture of several organo minerals.

  • It is alkaline, non-toxic, and odourless.
  • It is partially soluble in clean water.
  • It is stable in a dry condition and can be stored at a temperature range of 15 - 50°C for 18 months.
  • It does not contain any microorganism and has no enzymes.

The organo mineral can effectively improve wastewater quality even without aeration. Energy cost of water treatment is significantly reduced by minimizing mechanical aeration. Other advantages of its application are: low environmental influence, no secondary pollution or pollutant movement, reducing pollutant concentration by the maximum extent, and easily applicable for the sites where regular pollution treatment technology is difficult.

These biogenic minerals, or organo minerals, are composite materials containing an organic matrix and nano- or micro-scale amorphous or crystalline minerals. Organo mineral composite materials include bone, dentine, enamel, statoliths, otoliths, mollusk and crustacean shells, coccolith scales, eggshells, sponge silica skeletons, algal, radiolarian and diatom silica micro-shells, and a variety of transition metal minerals produced by different bacteria (Abrecht and Frazer, 2005).

Potential Applications

The innovative organo mineral can be used in the following:

  • Treatment of industrial, domestic and septic wastewater
  • Neutralization of strong, rotten, acrid, stink odour

Market Trends and Opportunities

The Industrial Sludge Treatment Chemicals market is estimated to reach $7.0 billion by 2020 signifying firm annualized growth rate of 5.10% from 2015 to 2020. The focus of various regulatory bodies to reduce the volume and toxicity of sludge for meeting the future sustainability are further driving the market for industrial sludge treatment chemicals globally. Industrial sludge treatment chemicals consumption has grown significantly in the recent times and is at an emerging stage in various countries. (Research and markets 2015) 

Current water treatment technologies generally involve high installation and operational costs. 79% of electrical energy consumption is used for production of dissolved oxygen, for the reduction of biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD), and for the mixing effect, to get the dissolved oxygen to the bacteria that need it. Commercially available enzymes and chemicals for water treatment are generally at high costs and not locally sourced. The extensive application of our technology presents an effective solution to these problems.

Customer Benefits

The innovative organo mineral is a natural and low-cost water treatment technology. Even without mechanical aeration, it can:

  • Neutralize septic, decaying and stink odour
  • Can handle high total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • Saves energy costs
  • Can handle shock loads very well
  • Less manpower required (safe & simple application)
  • Eliminate other chemical addition
  • Improves efficiency of water treatment plant
  • Less handling of sludge, due to minimum generation
  • Minimum process modifications required

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