Low Cost, Low Power, Easy to Deploy Wireless Modems for Large Scale Industrial & Commercial IoT Projects

Technology Overview

We have developed a hardware cum software IoT platform that will make it easier and cheaperto collect data or send alerts/messages from standard machines, instruments, sensors and meters installed in remote places - over low power wide area wireless networks (LPWAN) such as Sigfox, LoRa &NB-IoT. Our first products arenovel plug & play communication modems that will enable existing industry-standard sensors, instruments, meters and machines to get instantly plugged into the low-cost global Sigfox network and send data to our IoT cloud for storage, analysis, visualization and action. As our technology is low in CAPEX and OPEX, users are ensured quick return-on-investment for IoT Projects. We are looking to partner with OEMs (machine, sensor) and IoT System Integrators to use our technology in IoT Projects on LPWAN Networks.

Technology Features & Specifications

Connect any sensor or meter with industry standard electrical interface - such as Analog (4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V, RTD), Digital (3.3V, 24V, Dry Contact), Serial (RS485/Modbus) Connects to multiple wide area wireless IoT networks - Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT Transmission Options for Sigfox Model - 2/50/100/140 times a day Inbuilt Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for easy configuration and maintenance using mobile application Runs on Long Life Lithium Metal Batteries IP65/67 rated devices for outdoor installations End to End IoT Solution: Hardware, Firmware, IoT Backend Software, IoT Front End Applications

Potential Applications

Remote Utility Meter Reading Cold Chain Monitoring Building Environment Monitoring Solar Panel Health Monitoring Construction Site Environmental & Geotechnical monitoring Intrusion Detection Structural Health Monitoring Weather Station Monitoring Dumpster Monitoring Equipment Status Monitoring Tank and Water Level Monitoring Air Quality Monitoring Vending Machine Stock Monitoring We are looking for partners to pilot our technology on real IoT Projects.

Customer Benefits

Plug n Play any existing sensor, meter or machine Low-Cost Wireless Modems Low Network Usage Cost ( as low as S$2 per yr per device) Long Battery Life (4 months to 5 years) Easy to install, use and maintain Ful stack IoT cloud solution - device management, dashboards, email/SMS alerts, APIs White Label hardware and software

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