Low-grade heat driven novel hybrid system to produce power and cooling

Technology Overview

A novel configuration of a system has been developed which utilizes ejectors in a unique way to produce power and cooling simultaneously by utilizing low grade heat. Low grade heat is abundantly available in industries like power plants, utility companies, petrochemical plants, steel, and glass manufacturers etc. Low grade heat is also available from renewable energy sources like solar, geothermal and biomass.

This technology uses a single ejector which provides lower pressure for expander of ORC and for cooling cycle (ERS). This is a unique system which provides both power and cooling by utilizing low grade heat while using single condenser and vapor generator.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Effective system (more heat extraction and more output)
  • Compact system (less expensive and easy maintenance)
  • Custom design to meet user requirements

Potential Applications

Combined cooling and power

Market Trends and Opportunities

Low-grade thermal energy is abundantly available from many different sources such as waste heat from industrial processes, geothermal and solar energy. Utilizing low-grade waste heat leads to increased energy efficiency and profitability while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The existing technologies for harnessing waste heat are complex, expensive and cannot utilize very low temperature heat (<100ºC) in an effective way. There is a strong need for systems which can utilize this abundantly available very low-grade heat. A combined cooling and power system is desirable because it can be compact, less expensive, efficient, effective and easy-to-operate.

Customer Benefits

This system is particularly useful for locations which higher ambient temperatures (like Singapore) where under normal conditions there is less pressure difference available for expander to produce power. By using ejector, the available pressure difference across expanders can be increased by this novel system while utilizing the same ejector for producing cooling as well.

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