Low Power Flexible Free-Shape Heater

Technology Overview

The invention liberates users of heaters from the constraints of fixed shapes and sizes predetermined by the flexible heater manufacturers. Our technology, in the form of an electrical device, is an integration of composite material science and electrical engineering which enables product designers and engineers to unleash their creativity and reduce wastage when incorporating our heaters into their products or systems.

Technology Features & Specifications

The invention breaks away from the traditional two dimensional approach in fabricating heater, by adding a third Z-plane. With this novel method, the product removes the constraints of fixed geometries and sizes in the common flexible heaters. The possibility to fine tune the core material properties offers a deeper sense of versatility in that our heater is able to fit into applications where power input is fixed yet matching the desired target temperatures. The typical power to achieve 100°C on our heater is 100 W in various shapes.

Performance can be controlled by an intelligent temperature feedback system to regulate the power input and maintain a constant user-determined desired temperature. 

Potential Applications

The technology is extremely versatile due to its combination of low power demand, flexibility and free-shape attributes. It can easily be adopted into most applications that have warming needs from healthcare devices, sports apparatus and equipment, automobile interiors, pre-warming of materials for chemical processes and the maintenance of temperature along fluid pipelines. The invention differentiates itself from the commercially available products by offering an almost unlimited freedom in terms of application geometries.

Customer Benefits

Key benefits that are offered to the users are creativity and at the same time, reduced wastages in terms of materials and operating power.

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