A Machine that Observes the Visibility Distance by Judging the Turbidity of the Atmosphere by Applying Artificial Intelligence Technology

Technology Overview

Our company has achieved domestic sales of 11 million won. The product development was completed this year in 2018, and contract with the Marine Police Agency obtained the first product sales result. The company have exhibited at the 2017 weather climate exhibition and will participate in the world's largest weather fair this year in the Netherlands to advance overseas. The company is carrying out the 2017 incubation technology development project, which is the national research and development project. In addition, they have successfully completed the six-month challenge platform project in 2017 and are conducting research and development.

This product is an image analysis system using CCTV. Conventional visibility system is much more advantageous in judging visibility and visibility distance information than visible distance data only by text. In this case, the text information is used to improve the reliability by using the correct visibility information observed in the optical visual system. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) combines the deep-running approach with image frequency evaluation to obtain optimal results, accurate visual measurement using big data analysis and artificial intelligence. Currently, they do not mass-produce orders as soon as they receive requests. This product is manufactured by purchasing each part.

Technology Features & Specifications

As the amount of big data increases, the accuracy will increase, and it will be differentiated with the time later.
Also, since this product judges the state of visibility based on the image, it provides the visual distance and image, unlike the existing product which only provided visual distance. This is a significant advantage because it provides intuitive data that is easy to understand for everyone even who are not a weather observation specialist.

Potential Applications

Mainly used visibility meter are all optical products. Primarily, there is a disadvantage that the scattering method is mostly used and the accuracy is low. In some cases, a light transmittance system with a relatively high accuracy is used, but the number is minimal because of the high cost involved. No company in the market has been commercialized the products worldwide. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, Coast Guard, Public institutions, etc are showing a high level of interest, and the introduction of equipment is being considered positively.

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