Manufacturing Visibility Sensor Platform

Technology Overview

An on-going challenge is the lagging indicators and paper trails resulting from manufacturing-related data. This translates into losses that could have been avoided if only more up-to-date information was available.

This technology offers real-time visibility and predictive analytics by retro-fitting manufacturing operations with sensor-based platforms.

The collection of valuable manufacturing-related data can be analysed to amplify and streamline company operations. Powered by our proprietary intelligent sensor network, the insights generated from both data collection and analytics allows users to simplify the manufacturing operations decision making process and achieve optimal throughput efficiency.

As a result, leading indicators are obtained contributing towards a firm's competitiveness.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology is a cost effective, compact and powerful system with a lighting fast data pipeline between sensors and analytics engines. The platform provides metrics such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness, changeover times, allocated resources and specific downtime-related parameters. Importantly, the technology enables real-time visibility of manufacturing operations allowing for dynamic load balancing of resources with auto-report generation features.

Potential Applications

Manufacturing operations, discrete production, smart factories

Market Trends and Opportunities

Visibility in manufacturing is the path to Industry 4.0.

Customer Benefits

Improved production throughput

Improved labour productivity

Focus on core and essential activities

Increased revenue

Immediate cost savings

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