Mapping Out the Business World for Actionable Decisions

Technology Overview

Dealings in the business world is getting more complicated. Relationships between companies are also getting complex, with multiple layers of shareholders and cross-connections. Our technology taps into official data networks to gain access to information on specific persons or companies within our data coverage. The results are displayed in the form of interactive maps of complex, multi-layered company ownership, governance, and management relationship networks within the corporate ecosystem instantly. Applications range from due-diligence, to market research, to analysing possible business opportunities.

We create a technology to empower companies to do business safely. Clients are able to utilise our technology to:

  • Learn about a subject’s exposure to regulatory, enforcement and disciplinary actions with ease, thus enabling them to administer proper regulatory oversight.
  • Conduct accurate cross-border corporate surveillance as well as comprehensive background checks during an M&A deal, or on your vendor or cross-border business partner.
  • Identify/flag out potential conflict of interest, collusion, or red flags.

Our award-winning mapping technology gives you clear, visualised insights – simplifying due diligence and entity research tasks.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our technology solution is able to:

  • Access to private company data, capital markets data and regulatory actions information.
  • Generate up to 3 degrees of interconnection with our Link Analysis engine.
    • i.e. Interconnection mapping, ability to identify indirect influences and associates.

    • Investee companies search, ability to identify a company’s or person’s shareholdings.

    • Legal beneficial owner search, conduct ownership checks of companies.

  • Generate X millions of nodes in the system.

  • Provide ease of use through our graphical and interactive user interface.

  • Allowing for multiple applications of the mapping interface.

Potential Applications

Our technology can be adopted by businesses whose role/service offerings requires them to conduct due-diligence or market research activities, mapping out the links between entities. Such activities may be conducted by companies in the following industries:

  • Governance
  • Procurement Departments
  • Compliance
  • Accountancy
  • Internal Audit Departments
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Legal
  • Business Development
  • Research

Market Trends and Opportunities

All organizations who have a requirement for corporate intelligence, especially for pre-deal risk or crossborder insights will find value in this technology offering. Our technology platform allows for multiple applications, from due dilligence to business generating data prospecting.

We are open for our technology to be packaged as part of a comprehensive solution for existing clients, as a service provider. Clients with existing system or product, who wish to integrate our technology are also welcomed to reach out for an exploratory discussion.

We are also open to explore potential collaboration model where technology partners may wish to license our parts of our technology to create new products/services. For instance, our vizualization engine that utilizes link analysis and centrality scoring can also be applied outside of corporate networks; e.g. in the medical field for identifying of disease spread, or in the pharmaceutical field for drug discovery works.


Customer Benefits

Our technology (as a platform) provides immediate access to corporate data through interactive, complex maps revealing company ownership, governance, and management relationship networks within the corporate ecosystem.

Our technology’s vizualization and interactive features increases the efficiency and capability to unveil previously unforeseen discoveries, background checks, and does all the work immediately. This is as opposed to the traditional manual labored process, where an investigator/analyst might have to chase a paper trial requiring many man-days of work.

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