Massive Localisation for E-Commerce and Digital Businesses in S.E.A.

Technology Overview

Businesses should seize the current opportunity of tapping into the potential of Southeast Asia, the world's fastest growing digital economy with 480 million Internet users by 2020 and a digital economy worth US$197 billion by 2025.

However, language and cultural differences are the potential barriers to doing business in Southeast Asia. 75% of people prefer to buy products in their native language, and 52.4% only bought products in their native language.

With localisation technology, e-commerce and digital businesses will be able to penetrate into the Southeast Asia market by localizing their websites and product information to ASEAN languages. The company domain-specific translation machine and its solid network of highly-trained talents, businesses enjoy cost benefits and time savings like never before.

Localisation technology focuses on four main ASEAN languages: Indonesian, Malay, Thai and Vietnamese. 

Technology Features & Specifications

Our localisation business platform, which is cloud-technology, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine translation engines customised for e-commerce and digital business contents in ASEAN languages, localisation tools and automation platform connected with an extensive network of linguists, in order to offer massive localisation of digital contents at high-speed, reasonable quality and at a fraction of the cost.

The company platform solution can connect via API with e-commerce applications for seamless transfer of product contents or data without manual processing needed.

We have a support team of localisation engineers to improve the quality of our machines, continue to enhance our solution’s efficiency and accuracy further.

Potential Applications

The company localisation solutions are applicable to the following types of businesses who have a massive volume/content on:

1) Business and Marketing 

2) Commercial Products Information / SKUs

3) Mobile Apps & Software

The company delivers contextual translation in major ASEAN languages. Be it millions of SKUs or multilingual user-generated content; We help companies triumph over language barriers and outperform competitors.

Customer Benefits

Through our localisation technology, customers can expect translation at:

1) Low Cost –  70% to 90% lower than usual translation costs

2) High Speed – 5 to 15 times faster than manual translation

3) Superior Quality – Enhanced quality with the integration of Machine & Human Translation

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