Material Blends for Long Lasting and Efficient Removal of Harmful Gases

Technology Overview

This technology presents proprietary material blends of inorganic and organic components for long lasting and efficient removal of corrosive, toxic, harmful and/or odorous gases. The materials are compounded to form adsorbent resins in the form of spheres, pellets or granules. Selective removal of harmful gases can also occur by chemisorption, through the use of an additional coating material which reacts chemically with target gases. 

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Selective removal of acidic, alkaline and organic gases, such as NH3, HCl, Cl2, NOx, etc.
  • Gas adsorption capacity ranges from 35 to 90 L (per 1 L of resin)
  • Longer life time of adsorbent resin, ranging from a month to a year, depending on type of target gas and operating conditions
  • No desorption of harmful gases
  • Blends can be customised according to the type of gases, as well as process parameters, such as pressure loss, temperature, humidity

Potential Applications

These adsorbent resins can be utilised in dry scrubber systems for industrial air treatment, e.g. semiconductor manufacturing, chemical plants, etc. They may also be applied in indoor air purification systems for the removal of gaseous indoor air pollutants.

Customer Benefits

  • Longer life time of adsorbent material
  • Tunable for different requirements and applications

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