Method to Improve PV System Performance Monitoring

Technology Overview

Within the solar energy industry, there is a general motto of "install it and forget it " for solar energy. This idea is largely derived from the research and reliability studies performed on the PV panels themselves but not the PV system as a whole (including inverters and other components). Other PV system components such as inverters contribute to a significant amount of power loss and the losses may vary based on different models of inverters. This technology relates to a method that can reduce measurement errors and achieve normalization among inverters used in PV systems in line with Class A of the updated IEC 61724-1 standard  With this method, the inverter-induced error can be reduced by up to 4.46%. The technology owner is looking for licensing partners to commercialize the test method.



Technology Features & Specifications

  • Improved data accuracy for solar panel testing systems
  • Minimal equipment required to conduct tests
  • Flexible testing method applicable for either indoor or outdoor testing
  • Up till 4.46% of inverter-induced uncertainty can be reduced
  • Developed algorithm is in line with Class A IEC 61724-1:2017 : Photovoltaic system performance monitoring - Guidelines for measurement, data exchange and analysis

Potential Applications

  • Companies providing PV Performance Management System services
  • PV Inverter manufacturers
  • PV system integrators
  • PV system installers
  • PV system testers
  • PV system consultants

Customer Benefits

  • Improved accuracy of PV system parameters 
  • IEC 61724-1 Class A  for PV monitoring system conformance provides a competitive advantage 



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