MGA Thermal Energy Storage

Technology Overview

Economic storage of energy is now the largest issue facing the renewable energy industry. Batteries are excellent for minute to hour level storage, but lack the capacity for base load power. MGA Thermal offers a novel thermal storage material with previously un-achieved energy density and thermal conductivity, for a fraction the cost of batteries. This can be applied at scales large enough to provide base load power around the clock. Our goal is to disrupt the current energy industry by enabling solar to provide reliable round the clock power.

Technology Features & Specifications

MGA (Miscibility Gap Alloys) are novel materials alloying two materials into a special microstructure posing huge benefits for thermal energy storage. The alloys feature low melting temperature pockets that store vast amounts of energy as latent heat, and a high thermal conductivity framework that keeps the whole structure rigid and safe, while rapidly distributing heat.

The effect of this combination is a material that is safe to operate, compact, and drastically cuts down the need for expensive heat exchangers to retrieve the thermal energy. The best part is that it can be made from cheap recycled scrap metal.

Potential Applications

The potential applications of a cheap energy storage material are endless. It can be used for running a solar power plant at night, to heating your house, or even cooking a night time meal on a camping trip. It can be used to store a large amount of heat when it is available, for use hours or days later.

Customer Benefits

The customer benefits of our material are two - fold; the economic benefits of using a cost effective and reliable thermal energy storage system, and the added social benefits of pursuing a solution utilising recycled waste materials.

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