Microencapsulated Extra Virgin Olive Oil Powder

Technology Overview

This technology is a novelty process, encapsulating extra virgin olive oil into olive oil powder that can be used as an ingredient in several applications, such as powder food product and ready-to-cook meal. The ingredient produced from this technology allows for innovative opportunity in creation and value-adding of products with extended shelf-life with the same quality as in conventional liquid form.  Not only extra virgin olive oil, this technology can be explored and applied to various oils (flax seed oil, cumin seed oil etc).

Technology Features & Specifications

The microencapsulation technology allows for:

(i) Extra virgin olive oil powder to be used in powder food products either as an ingredient or stand alone

(ii) Usage of olive oil into places where it is not possible before due to oxidation stability issue

(iii) Value-adding and increasing the shelf life of products

(iv) Reduction in dryer operating cost due to the high dry matter content during the microencapsulation process (i.e. the solids content of the emulsion is 40%).

Potential Applications

Microencapsulated virgin olive oil powder with high microencapsulation efficiency and oxidation stability can be used as an ingredient in seasonings, dry soup mixtures, powdered sauce mix, cake and cookie mixtures, salad dressings and pastas.

The technology could be explored and applied to various oils (flax seed oil, cumin seed oil etc.) 

Patent for this technology has been granted.

Market Trends and Opportunities

A number of studies have associated the regular consumption of extra virgin olive oils with potential health benefits, particularly in the prevention of coronary heart disease and cancer. These health benefits are related with the consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids, tocopherols and phenolic compounds which are presented in high content in extra virgin olive oil.

However, like most edible oils, extra virgin olive oil is susceptible to oxidative deterioration that results in loss of nutritional quality and development of undesirable flavours, affecting its stability and sensory properties.

With this technology, extra virgin olive oil could be encapsulated into powder form with improved shelf-stability. Thus, this technology allows for the usage of olive oil into food where it is not possible before due to oxidation stability issue; value-adding food product with its nutritional quality and functional benefits.

Customer Benefits

- Solution to oxidation stability issue of extra virgin olive oil

- Value-adding to existing products with the addition of encapsulated extra virgin oil

- With the direction of demand towards healthier and functional food products, opportunity to reach out to consumers conscious of health and wellness.

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