Microneedle Granule for Transdermal Delivery of Therapeutic and Cosmetic Agents

Technology Overview

Transdermal delivery of therapeutic and cosmetic agents offers many advantages over oral and injection routes: (i) bypass of first-pass metabolism and gastrointestinal reaction, (ii) non-invasiveness and (iii) self-administration. The transdermal route is therefore suitable for biological active compounds including peptides, proteins, vaccine, insulin, etc. which are often subject to degradation and deactivation when taken orally. However, the transdermal route is limited by the skin barrier, mainly stratum corneum, which only allows significant penetration of low molecular weight substances (

Technology Features & Specifications

As fine microneedle granules (size 0.2 – 2mm), the technology overcomes the skin barrier for large molecular cosmetics and therapeutics. They can be easily applied on any skin areas using fingers to roll or spread to open up micro channels through skin to enhance skin penetration rate and transdermal delivery. This new microneedle platform overcomes the current drawbacks of microneedle delivery systems e.g., derma roller, derma stamp, microneedle patch which only can be applied on large area and flat skin.

Potential Applications

The microneedle granules can be easily formulated together with current cosmetics and therapeutics by simple mixing of suitable granules with compatible active compounds to give enhanced effectiveness of these compounds. The enhancement of skin penetration rate also helps to reduce dosage form, hence cut down formulation cost. On the other hand, active compounds can be encapsulated within microneedle granules for sustained release, thus provide long lasting effect. In addition, this new generation delivery platform will open the doorway for new cosmetics and therapeutics with large molecular weight, which will have tremendous applications in skin and health care.

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