Miniature Smart Gauge for AC Distribution Board

Technology Overview

Singapore’s electrical power system is moving towards a new smart grid system concept for a smart nation. One of the critical fundamental blocks in the new system structure is to measure every household’s electricity in an appliance-specific, dynamic and multi-channel manner. Owing to the mass scale and constraints at current household’s distribution box, the added devicehas to be cost-effective, compact in size, and easy for installation. This has generated the need for the design and development of a new miniature multi-channel smart metering system for a household AC Distribution Board (DB). The current smart meters on the market typically have only one channel to measure the total power consumption in a household and cannot be installed in the existing household distribution board (DB) because of the large size. They typically use the wiredcommunication technology. The newly developed Miniature Smart Gauge (MSG) has miniature size and din rail mounting case. It can measure up to four current channels with non-intruding current transducers (CT). The measured data is reported wirelessly with Zigbee technology. All these features make it not only easy to install in the household DBs, but also provide the potential for the future smart applications like cloud application, big data analysis and so on.

Technology Features & Specifications

Key features of the smart Gauge: Miniature size (Same size as a 3 pole circuit breaker. Smaller size product will be developed) Four current measurement channels Each channel can measure the following single phase AC quantities: Frequency (Hz) True RMS Voltage (V) True RMS Current (A) Active Power (W) Active Energy (Wh) Wireless data reporting in every 10 second (by default, can be set as required) Time stamping for each data package High measurement accuracy (±1%) Low power consumption (less than 3W) Fully protection for safety Fuse and thermal cut-off Voltage surge suppression EMI suppression AC input isolation Din rail mounting case for easy installation in a DB

Potential Applications

The potential application areas of this invention are: Real-time and wireless monitoring and recording of power consumption and other electric parameters of electrical appliances at households, offices, industrial buildings Real-time data collection for big data analysis of power systems for the different purposes (Research, consumption projection for improving power quality etc.)

Customer Benefits

The following are the benefits: Household and business users can have a full and real time picture about the power consumption of various electrical appliances in their homes/buildings Early detection of potential faults of these appliances by data analysis such as a simple comparison with the historical data Utility company can collect huge amount of data for big data analysis such as energy consumption tendency, time and household distribution and energy consumption of each type appliances to make prediction and improve the power quality Researchers may use the collected big data to find ways to improveenergy efficiency

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