Mobile Apps for Engaging Learners in Seamless Learning Environments

Technology Overview

Our mobile app is a gamified learning mobile app designed for schools, education institutes and corporate training to deliver learning content on the go. Digital, electronic and mobile technologies are fast becoming ubiquitous in Singapore’s education environment as well as adult training. It is changing the way lessons delivered to students. Flipped instruction where students access resources before class through the use of technology, allows face-to-face time with educators to be used for discussion, collaborative work and hands-on practical work. Mobile technology allows information to be accessed at any place and time. This quality can assist students in self-directed, incidental and contextual learning; and augment traditional classroom instruction and lectures. Additionally, gamification built into apps have been shown in the educational literature to be a strong motivational tool. Furthermore, mobile technology has enabled the ease of communication, facilitating social learning and achieves a seamless learning environment. 

Our app enables transfer learning between the classroom and real learning environment through experiential Learning activities and learning trails.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our mobile app embedded with sound pedagogical design principles that support snapping pictures, push notifications, leaderboard, back-end analytics to inform users and educators of students’ progress and more.  

This mobile app has been tried and tested with thousands of students in Singapore for various purposes ranging from an accompaniment to learning activities in class to learning trails. Educators benefited from this interactive app that empowers learning on the go!

Potential Applications

After our successful use case in both secondary and junior college levels in Singapore, our app made its debut into adult training and embraced by adult participants. In addition, the app can be expanded to include places of interest like Asian Civilisations Museum and Kidzania, to make the learning experience more diversified and interesting.

Customer Benefits

Seamless micro learning anytime, anywhere, convenience at your fingertips.
Gamified Flipped Learning melds two emerging pedagogies into a coherent framework for self-paced learning and seamless microlearning. Flipped Learning is the base philosophy, and gamification serves as the motivational method. The success stories and benefits have been shared at the Ministry of Education Singapore as well as at an international conference where interests in using our app have been overwhelming.

In the traditional model of classroom teaching, teachers usually follow the schedule stated in the scheme of work. However, students learn and internalise concepts at different speeds, and the designated pace only suits a minority of students. Gamified Flipped Learning thus seeks to alleviate this problem by melding two emerging pedagogies into a coherent framework for self-paced learning. Flipped Learning is the base paradigm and the aim is to flip ownership back to the students and to flip the teachers' role from content disseminator to the role of giving timely and applicable feedback. In line with Self-Determination Theory, and motivational theory, our app was built on the informant design principles, gamification techniques and these fundamental learning principles embedded in the design of this app ensures that students are engaged, motivated and on task.

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