Mobile Ethereum Wallet and Messenger with Machine-Learning Security

Technology Overview

Electronic ethereum address, which is now a very complex number, is difficult to use by ordinary users and is not safe from hacking. Instead of a complex electronic address, we have developed a technology that makes it easy to send money via chat. In addition, we have developed a technology that allows users to safely and conveniently store and remotely send and receive remittances by providing hacking prevention for mobile device, prevention of hacking of private keys, and secure backup functions. A secure mobile Ethereum wallet that combines with a secure chat is provided. Confidentiality is guaranteed when sending money through secure chat with end-to-end encryption. We protect all forms of communication through end-to-end encryption on all types of client OS. Client-side hacking or application hacking is protected by application of apatented self protection technology. In order to enhance user authentication, user authentication technology using machine learning algorithm is applied. In addition, to increase the safety of money transfer, the machine learning algorithm is used to analyze the transfer pattern to prevent erroneous remittance and hacking. With this technology, future banks that want to implement mobile banking on fingertip can provide a variety of financial servicesto customers.

Technology Features & Specifications

Security Features - End-to-End Encryption: To prevent the single-point of failure problem of server hacking, all message transmissions apply an end-to-end encryption technique that generates a key between to the users. -Application self-protection: The built-in security module monitors the hacking activitiesoccurring in the application environment and notifies the application when a security problem occurs. -Heuristic User Authentication: In addition to ID / Password user authentication, the application learns the user's usage pattern, monitors the usage pattern, and performs the user authentication process in real time even after the user logs in. -Prevention of remittance errors: Prevent remittance errors by analyzing the unusual remittance pattern using a machine learning algorithm. -Protection of private key: Provides the function to safely protect the user's private key, which is the core information that can certify ownership of the Ethereum coin and authorize remittance, and recover it when lost due to device failure. Usability Features -E-Wallet Address Management: Periodically changes addresses to protect users' e-wallet addresses (such as bank account numbers), and provides backup function for recovery when lost. -End-to-end encryptedGroup Chat: Most end-to-end encrypted chats only provide 1:1 chat, but we provide end-to-end encryptonto group chat as well. -End-to-end encrypted Web Chat: Web-based end-to-end encrypted chat. -End-to-end encrypted Voice Chat -End-to-end encrypted Video Chat

Potential Applications

Secure Chat: Secure messaging between government agencies, military units, and internal organizations of large corporations. Mobile Ethereum Wallet and Messenger: Provides to safely store and transfer Ethereum coin between messenger users. Peer to Peer Commerce: Interpersonal Remittance, Personal Loan, Smart Contract, and Decentralized Shopping Mall. Mobile Banking: All-in-One Mobile Banking Service

Customer Benefits

Safe, private and easy-to-use Etherium Remittance. Secure chat on iOS, Android, and Webclient. End-to-end encrypted secret conversations for text, voice, and video chats. Earn mining profits by contributing to the cloud mining of Ethereum coin.

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