Modified Chinese Medicine Formulation for Treating Neurodegenerative Diseases

Technology Overview

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disorder characterised by a progressive decline in cognitive function and memory loss, ultimately leading to death. It is expected to affect more than 135 million people worldwide by 2050. As of now, no cure has been found. Huanglianjiedu Tang (HLJDT, 黃連解毒湯), a famous traditional Chinese formula, is composed of four herbs, namely Rhizoma Coptidis (RC) (Huang Lian in Chinese), Radix Scutellariae (RS) (Huang Qin in Chinese), Cortex Phellodendri (CP) (Huang Bai in Chinese) and Fructus Gardeniae (FG) (Zhi Zi in Chinese). It has been clinically used to treat cerebral ischeamia, stroke, dementia, inflammation, tumor, etc. Apart from China, it has been used by the medical professionals in Japan.

The present invention describes a modified formula of HLJDT (HLJDT-M) which has significant potent therapeutic and pharmacological effects on AD by improving the regulatory processing of amyloid- β protein precursor (APP). The HLJDT-M comprises RC, CP, and FG but excludes RS. Promoting the degradation of amyloid β-peptide (Aβ) and tau aggregates for both in-vitro and invivo tests, the enhanced formula can pass through the blood-brain barrier and clear the accumulation of these proteins. This novel formula treats the major root cause of AD with minimal side effect.

Technology Features & Specifications

The modified formulation is safe to be used as the original formulation has been used by the medical professionals in Japan and mainland China. In our animal's study, it has proved that the modified formulation has minimal side effect. Also, it has significant potent therapeutic and pharmacological effects on Alzheimer's disease.

Potential Applications

The novel formulation is a famous traditional Chinese medicine formula widely used in treating stroke and dementia. So, the formula is safe. The modified formulation is also safe to be used in pharmaceutical products for treating Alzheimer's disease. Besides, it can be used as health supplements for the purpose of neuroprotection.

Customer Benefits

The novel formulation provides a new solution to treat AD patients with minimal side effect.

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