Modular Wheelchair Storage System

Technology Overview

The Modular Wheelchair Storage System is a compact storage rack that offers assisted lifting of the wheelchairs to the top tier of the storage rack. Each module of the storage system operates fully mechanical through the usage of the gas-spring actuator and is capable of storing up to two wheelchairs over a projected floor area of 600mm x 1300mm. In reference to the fact that a folded wheelchair takes up a floor area of 400mm x 1100mm, the amount of space saving offers by the storage system is closed to fifty percent.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology features of the Modular Wheelchair Storage System are as follows:

  1. Modular configuration to adapt to different floor areas or layouts;
  2. No site modification required for installation;
  3. Minimal operation cost as the system is fully mechanical;
  4. Low maintenance;
  5. Assisted lifting reducing effort by user to store wheelchair in a stack-up configuration

Potential Applications

The System, which offers an effective space-saving solution for wheelchairs storage, has a great potential to be deployed in places where there is a high concentration of wheelchair-dependent commuters, such as hospitals, polyclinics and elderly care homes.

Market Trends and Opportunities

With a shortage of land space, storage of wheelchair poses huge challenges in elderly caring homes and hospitals. As wheelchairs are essential commuting tools for patients with mobility difficulties, it is a common sight to have wheelchairs parked outsides nursing wards. Folded wheelchairs parked side-by-side takes up a considerable amount of valuable floor space, and it is obvious that vertically stacking of the wheelchair offers a more efficient floor saving solution.

The system permits stacking of the wheelchair with lesser effort which would be useful for sites with high concentration of wheelchair dependent commuters.

By 2030, we expect that the number of seniors above 65 years old will nearly triple to reach over 900,000 in Singapore. By then, one in five residents will be over 65 years old, compared to one in ten today. Correspondingly, the needs of seniors in terms of healthcare and aged care, will increase significantly.

Customer Benefits

The benefits of this Modular Wheelchair Storage System includes:

  • Permits approx. 50% saving in floors pace for wheelchair storage
  • Low operation cost compared to motorized solutions

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