Multi-functional Concrete Additive

Technology Overview

This technology is a set and hardening accelerating admixture in powder form that enhances the watertightness, freeze-thaw resistance, resistance to aggressive chemical agents, and also reduces shrinkage. Without the addition of extra water-reducing admixture, this technology provides fresh concrete mixtures with a consistency that is easy to pump, and ensures an extended service life for concrete structures.

The quality of cement produced through conventional cement mixtures can be affected by factors such as grinding process and water content amongst others. Long grinding time is necessary to produce clinker grist with suitable fineness and specific surface, while water content could cause issues such as water-withdrawal or “blooming”.

Consisting of only natural components, this technology provides a very effective protection even in acetic environments, shortens the grinding time, reduces the water requirements, while providing good workability, corrosion resistance, and overall durability of the concrete towards natural or chemical corrosion.

Technology Features & Specifications

This technology has the following features:

  • Improves the hardening rate and strength of the concrete
  • Significantly reduces the water requirement
  • Enables the production of cements with greater fineness in a shorter amount of time
  • Enhances the water and acid resistance of concrete structures
  • Low percentage of shrinkage
  • Low percentage of bursting
  • Competitiveness improved by up to 350%
  • Proven to be effective on CEM I 42,5N, CEM III / A 32.5 N and CEM III / B 32,5 N cement types

Potential Applications

Some of the possible applications are (but not limited to) the following:

  • Water reservoirs
  • Sewage and water treatment plants
  • Tunnels and subway systems
  • Swimming pools
  • Prefabricated concrete elements
  • Underground vaults

Customer Benefits

This technology has the following advantages:

  • Enhanced watertightness
  • Pore-filling effect decreases capillary absorption by 50%
  • Freeze-thaw resistance to concrete without using air entrainment admixtures
  • No damaging effect on steel reinforcements with sufficient concrete cover
  • Increased early strength and water-reducing effect provides, shortens formwork time and allows early-stage demoulding of the formwork
  • Even and well-compacted with low shrinkage and less cracking, provides protection against infiltration of aggressive chemicals and extends service life
  • Concrete mixtures are easy to pump, with high transportability and good workability
  • Components are of mineral origin and environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with all types of cement

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