Multi-functional Paper Packaging

Technology Overview

In ASEAN, it is estimated that 35% of the harvested fruits are lost annually due to inadequate storage conditions and natural degradation. Such losses result in wastages both in terms of the fruit itself and the resources used to cultivate and harvest the fruits.The technology offers a solution to reduce losses of fruits and vegetables during transportation by using a specially treated packaging made of paper pulp. The pulp is treated to obtain specific properties such as ethylene absorption, antimicrobial, control humidity, high softness, and stiffness. This multi-functional pulp can be used as a packaging for fruits and vegetables to extend the storage life by 4 -5 weeks, with minimum degradation.

Technology Features & Specifications

The multi-function paper packaging is anactive packaging material that can prolong the shelf life of fruits and vegetables for exports to distant markets. The technologyimproves on conventional paper properties and is based on pulp and papermaking process. Key technical features are: Multi-functions such as ethylene absorption, antimicrobial, paper cushioning and high material strength even in wet or high relative humidity conditions Contains anti-fungi properties High flexibility for easy paper packaging design and suitable for all climacteric fruits and vegetable. Prolong the fruit storage life around 4 weeks and 2 weeks for vegetable in export condition.

Potential Applications

This multi-function paper packaging can be used for perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables. The packaging can be used with conventionalcorrugated cardboard containers or molded pulp packaging (individual packaging). The industry can also employthis multi-function paper packaging for flowers or for other packaging forms requiring pulp or paper.

Customer Benefits

High efficacy and safe to use forfruits and vegetable products. Prolongs storage life of fruits and vegetables Flexible packaging form that is easy to design depending on its function such as paper sheet, corrugated container, paper bag, molded pulp and etc. Reduce the environmental aspects by using old corrugated container pulp.

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