Multi-hop, Scalable and Dynamic Wireless Backhaul Technologies

Technology Overview

PicoCELA Backhaul Engine (PBE) is an embedded system application that adds a multi-hop communication capability to a wireless platform using its wireless interface. PBE uses innovative proprietary technology to create a MIMOZONE, providing stable, seamless, swift connectivity in a wide range of wireless deployment scenarios.Furthermore, it uses unlicensedradio spectrum avoiding licensing fees.A MIMOZONE is a complete coverage created by aggregating many super small cells into ONE continuous zone using PicoCELA’s innovative wireless backhaul engine. With this technology, wecan be able to make a brand new solution whichnever be done before with wireless network in various industries.

Technology Features & Specifications

This technology hasnumber ofunique features,distinctive specificationsand big advantages as mentioned below; 1) Steady Hop: Multi-hop scalability from a single LAN connected core node. 2) Safe Zone: AES128 Data Encryption. 3) Swift Node: Interactive node set up. 4) Heal Switch: Self-healing network. 5) Hybrid Backhaul: Wireless or wired backhaul. 6) Pico Manager: Integrated cloud management system.

Potential Applications

Retail: IoT solutions are transforming the retail sector, especially in areas such as automated inventory tracking smart purchasing systems, consumer analytics and even the car parking sensors. Enterprise: Stable, secure Wi-Fi coverage supports BYOD workplaces and offers data collection for IoT platforms and analysis tools to improve overall business performance. Manufacturing: Swiftly and easily deployed in manufacturing centres to provide real time analytics that measures equipment performance, manage supply chains, enable robotics and monitor surveillance cameras.

Customer Benefits

On multi-hop networks powered by PicoCELA Backhaul Engine, nodes can be easily added and removed, without installing or pulling Ethernet cables. Cabling requirements can be reduced by up to 90%, which greatly reduces deployment costs and significantly reduces deployment headaches. SteadyHop extends Wi-Fi coverage to locations that would not otherwise be possible due to wiring restrictions. It overcomes the physical limitations of wired networks and provides maximum flexibility in the design of a wireless space. Since Ethernet cables no longer dictate where devices are to be located, they can be placed at optimal locations throughout entire facilities. Increased performance when compared to Mesh networks means a better user experience and a wider range of applications. It's easy to extend the network and eliminate dead zones.

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