Multilingual Chatbot Technology

Technology Overview

We build custom chatbots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and complex system integration. We integrate them in messaging platforms such as Messenger, Viber or WeChat, but we can also deliver an automated chat assistant window to websites. Examples of applications of our chatbots include customer service automation, and continuous communication with users, fans or clients.

With our chatbots, users can ask questions that will be replied automatically by our AI solution. Users may order food deliveries, shop online, or even apply for jobs. We can also navigate a user through a conference or any other event with their personal chatbot assistant.

Technology Features & Specifications

We leverage on our software development capabilities to build code and operate it in the cloud, or on-site if required. Our team uses only cutting-edge technologies. When it comes to chatbot development it is very important to understand that the User Interface (UI) is the messaging flow. So we design our chatbots in order to provide an interesting and engaging level of communication with the users.

About our technology stack and development process:

  • Cloud services: Microsoft Azure and Scaleway
  • Our chatbot engine is fully Serverless and RESTful
  • We are fully scalable with the number of users, we scale automatically
  • We use Continous Integration and Continous Deployment in the development process
  • We develop in Agile, and we organize Sprints
  • Our architecture is not vendor-locked, we can move it easily to on-site
  • Our micro-services are running in Node.js based environment
  • We use our own AI engine for recommendation systems and personalization
  • We use graph databases and Apache Spark
  • We also use third party services like API.AI, LUIS, Microsoft Bot Framework
  • We build mostly on Messenger, Viber, but we can build to other platforms too
  • Our chatbot logic can be moved easily from one messaging platform to another

Potential Applications

  • Customer Service chatbots, answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) automatically
  • eCommerce bots, that handle shopping and payments in messaging platforms.
  • Chatbots as sales funnels, implementing marketing campaigns, to reach customers and potential customers. They actually sell through chatting.
  • Personal assistants in healthcare, fitness, or nutrition.
  • Event and conference chatbots. They navigate the user through the entire events, without the need to have the users download a separate app for it.

Customer Benefits

  1. Users today are unwilling to download apps
  2. But more than 3 billion people in the world are active users of the 4 largest messaging platforms.
  3. Today they are more active users of social media platforms
  4. We reach users where they already are
  5. With 5-10 times higher conversion rate than email and for half the cost than through an app

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