Multimodal Transport Planning Tool

Technology Overview


Designed by a French company, this unique decision-making platform for local authorities & mobility stakeholders combines human-centric design with cutting-edge technology to develop an integrated business intelligence platform powered by activity-based multi-agent modelling and advanced data analysis methods. Powerful, easy to use and flexible; this solution is ideal for government agencies and private organisations.


Technology Features & Specifications

Specially designed for multimodal transportation planning and urban infrastructure analysis, the solution brings disruptive scientific approach on a commercial scale in demand management, multi-modal simulation and optimisation. It integrates every mobility mode; current and future into a single multimodal transport planning tool and provides credible results to improve regional performance. The platform helps cities & mobility operators to integrate emerging services such as car-sharing, ride-hailing electro and micro-mobility into transportation plans.

This platform is the ideal solution to bring shared mobility, policy analysis into multimodal transportation.

Potential Applications

Local authorities and mobility stakeholders are seeking to move away from obsolete silo approaches and develop strategies to stimulate the shift to cleaner and more sustainable modes of transport, such as walking, cycling, public transport and new models of vehicle use and ownership.

  • Modelling & Simulation city-scale transportation & logistics challenges
  • Understanding the demographic information to create what planners call a “synthetic population”. This is a virtual population that is statistically representative of the actual population.
  • Understanding how people respond to new infrastructure and policies on the ground
  • Developing demand and travel behaviour models; basically, a set of rules that represent how a person makes choices on where, when, why, and how to travel
  • Auditing the results on economic and ecological aspects such as accessibility, CO2 emission and parking policy and optimisation
  • Car-sharing, Ride-hailing, vehicle fleet management & optimisation
  • Measuring the impacts of emerging mobility services on public transit and transportation equity
  • Evaluating impacts on trip choice and vehicle ownership decisions.

Customer Benefits

  • Highly simplified features of a complex modelling paradigm
  • Higher confidence in critical transportation and land-use decisions
  • Accessible pricing
  • Local and Web-based Simulation as a Server Platform deployment strategy
  • Professional Customer Relationship Management
  • Accompanying local and regional agencies in becoming Mobility Managers

The technology provider offers visualisation and analysis software, licensing and consulting services.

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