Nano Glass Coating for Green Building Applications

Technology Overview

In the tropical region, buildings are under hot climate and constant exposure to high level of solar radiation all year round. As such, a huge amount of electric energy is spent to cool down buildings. Therefore, there is a high demand by industrial and residential consumers to effectively reduce the effects of solar radiation to the indoor ambient temperature.

This technology presents a nano glass coating formulation that prevents the solar heat from entering the buildings through the glass windows. With the application of this technology, the temperature is expected to be reduced by up to 8 - 9°C.

Technology Features & Specifications

This coating technology has been tested in-house as well as at TUV SUD PSB for its solar optical properties, and has been proven to achieve the following results:

  • Reducing temperature by up to 8 - 9°C
  • Visible Light Transmittance - 60.04%
  • Solar Direct Transmittance - 30.94%
  • Solar Direct Reflectance - 4.58%

Potential Applications

The nano glass coating technology can be applied in many areas, including (but not limited to):

  • Residential and industrial buildings
  • Shopping malls, leisure and entertainment sites
  • Temperature sensitive facilities like factories, warehouses
  • Warehouses to keep buildings cool and reduce usage of electric energy
  • Transportation (e.g. vehicles, boats, buses, trains etc.)
  • Schools and training facilities - to reduce glare and heat to classrooms facing the sun, etc.

Customer Benefits

This technology has the following benefits:

  • Cost effective method to prevent the solar heat from entering into premises hence reducing interior ambient temperature and reducing energy cost from air conditioning
  • Coating can be easily applied onto glass facades, windows and also glasses with complex shapes and profiles
  • Significant ambient temperature reduction of up to 8 - 9°C while maintaining a good level of light transmission

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