Natural Polymers for Encapsulation

Technology Overview

This technology presents a novel copolymer that is natural and biodegradable, and is capable of encapsulating a range of molecules and ions. Its constituents are approved by the FDA for both food and OTC drugs. Thisencapsulationallows a periodic slow release of content to the user by the means of reacting with mildly acidic conditions, e.g. saliva, stomach and skin. This technology will not only enhance the absorption rate of drugs by the human body but also removes the need forperiodic medication by the user. The potential applications for this technology are in specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, personal care formulations and food.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology is based on a platform of biodegradable polymers which spontaneously self-assemble via a 2 component mixing process into nanoparticles with a controllable size range of 150-600 nm. The formation of nanoparticles does not require any sophisticated machinery nor does it require a high operator skill level. The materials are able to encapsulate both ionic and non-ionic compounds, in a range of solvents, thereby circumventing any limitations that may arise from the solubility of the active ingredients, with typical encapsulation efficiencies of above 70%. Release of the encapsulated compounds can be performed in mildly acidic or enzymatic conditions (ie: saliva, stomach, skin, etc), with a sustained release profile over 6 hours. The materials are also mucoadhesive and dentin adhesive, which makes them ideal for nasal or oral therapies. The synthesis of the materials require basic chemistry without any sophisticated purification or synthesis step, thereby making them cheap and scalable.

Potential Applications

This material has been demonstrated to effectively encapsulate and release: Hydrophobic skincare actives Calcium ions – specifically for mouthwash and toothpaste applications, leveraging on the dentin and mucoadhesive nature Hydrophillic and ionic drugs with p-glycoprotein inhibition Other potential applications of this technologymay be in the specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, personal care formulations and food industry.

Customer Benefits

This technology is essentially a polymer made by a high tech concept, but can be implemented with low-tech capabilities, affording a high performance polymer to a range of commodity applications. There is a wide range of applications for this material, and it boasts excellent encapsulation efficiencies. It is a safe, non-toxic material that could have numerous uses in personal and health care. The synthesis and formulation methods are simple and do not require sophisticated equipment or techniques.

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