New Generation IoT Software Suite

Technology Overview

Most Internet of Things (IoT) or cloud based solution require extensive software coding and setup of various IoT modules. Our platform takes away all these developmental work, and let the users focus on their core product and services. Even in post-deployment, very often additional cost and effort is required for software modifications or sensors re-setup. Also, our User Self-Configuration feature provides a DIY approach to ease the required changes. Furthermore, our system has deployed in 24/7 real-time monitoring environment. We have developed, testing and deployed our IoT engine.

Technology Features & Specifications

(1) User Self Configurable - all features are definable and programable by end-users.

Device Management Module
  •       Sensors type, location and quantity
  •       Sensor Logic: configurable threshold value, etc
Communication Module
  •       Common Gateway command (ACK, RES,  WHITELIST etc)
  •       Configurable through dialog box
  •        Agonistic to any gateway brand
Assets Module
  •       Definition of Deployment Site
  •       Structure Site to Sensors relationship
Database Module
  •       Auto definition of database structure based on  
  •       Assets Module
  •       Download or export for additional off-line analytics
Alarm Module
  •       Definition of Alarm schedule
  •       Definition of Alarm logic


(2) Complete User Front & Back End - Full stack of software suite

  • Design to support user Do-It-Yourself, to manage post deployment operational changes.
  • No software coding.
  • User inputs

      Definition of commands (eg prefix for MQTT  messaging) or  Boolean logic writer


(3) No Coding Required - do not need programming skills.

  • User Map Editor, a click and drop graphical interface to show the location of sensors and equipment
  • Alarm pop-up and audio cues
  • Sensors registration and de-registration.
  • Data trending
  • Sensors Summary window
  • Sensor control and status (on-line, off-line, battery low)

Potential Applications

Our platform is designed to be industry agnostic. Any requirement to enable any IoT sensors, our platform provides a seamless IoT software suite. The potential applications are:
• Smart cities
• Smart housing
• Smart farming
• Environmental monitoring
• Health monitoring

Market Trends and Opportunities

It is estimated that number of IoT devices will reach trillions. A cost effective IoT solution is very important as most organizations require to IoT enable existing sensors are added with new sensors. However, many organization lacks of trained manpower to maintain a IoT system. Our platform is fully operational and maintained without any form of software coding. All controls including sensor logic are definable in a non-coding environment.

Customer Benefits

• Our platform helps you to solve the complexity of the IoT.
• Our platform takes away all these developmental work, and let the users focus on their core product and services.

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