No-Code Messaging based Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Technology Overview

Messaging apps like WhatsApp have already dominated our personal communication space. But brands are still relying on email and phone as main channels to interact with customers which are becoming less efficient each day. The company is building the next-gen Messaging Management solution to help businesses acquire, engage and monetize customers using Messaging apps.

Technology Features & Specifications

Messaging, unlike traditional channels, has 3 unique points: real-time asynchronous communication, personal contact network and accessibility for users. In order to enable businesses to use Messaging channels in the most efficient way possible, we have built our platform based on 3 main solutions:  Collaborative Inbox: manage all customer conversations from a single place with a collaborative communication system between a team of human agents  Workflow automation: automate conversations with our no-code workflow builder and connect data with third-party platforms. Campaign manager: send proactive messages to customers via messaging apps and measure the performance to boost conversion rate.

Potential Applications

Businesses can use the software solution to increase the efficiency for the entire customer journey:  Customer Acquisition: EF, the global education company was able to quickly and efficiently reach potential students by adding WhatsApp Business as a contact channel, which resulted in a 2X higher response rate and a 3X higher conversion rate, compared to phone calls. Customer Retention:  Klook, the leading travel and activities booking platform incorporated the WhatsApp Business API into its website and app to give people a better way to receive order updates and other information, increasing customer retention rates by 40%. Customer Support:  Vodafone the telecommunications company introduced WhatsApp Business as a new way for customers in Germany to solve invoice queries and use other services, as a result, it saw a 45% higher opt-in rate for WhatsApp, compared to SMS.

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