Non-Destructive Defect Inspection

Technology Overview

Non-Destructive Defect Inspection is one of the urgent requirements to effectively detect internal defects of aged structures.

Especially for countries like Japan or USA, many old structures such as tunnels, buildings and roads exist.

Several methods of Non-Destructive Defect Inspection Equipment are in place today.

We offer a newly developed Non-Destructive Defect Inspection method utilizing UWB radar based architecture.

Our Non-Destructive Defect Inspection method employs patented UWB ultra high sensitivity receiving system and synthetic aperture radar architecture.

By employing the above two technologies, we could design high speed and high-resolution Non-Destructive Defect Inspection Equipment.

Technology Features & Specifications

Newly developed Non-Destructive Defect Inspection method achieves in-wall imaging with fast scanning with embedded memory storage.

 Stored data are uploaded to cloud environment to be analyzed for imaging of defective area.

 Time related deterioration is detected by comparison between measured data and previously stored data.

 Detection depth is over 30cm and ultimate target is over 60cm, although this depends on structure materials.

 Scanning speed is over 80km/h and up to 5km length.

Potential Applications

There are several applications such as,

  1. Wall cracks, peelings, holes and water leakage detection of tunnels

  2. Cracks, peelings, holes detection of building structures

  3. Buried holes, cracks and water leakage detection of asphalt roads  

 The above applications are urgent needs of those who own a lot of aged structures. This technology can efficiently detect invisible defects.

Customer Benefits

Dramatically reduce of workload for Inspection and Maintenance company.

Inspection quality improvement for Inspection and Maintenance company.

Finally, high quality structure maintenance leads to a safe living environment.

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