Non-intrusive Energy Disaggregation, Analysis and Equipment Condition Monitoring System

Technology Overview

The technology described herein is related to the development of system which monitors the energy consumption of multiple equipmentnon-intrusively. The system also consists of a data analytics module that usesmachine learning algorithm to analyse energy data and enable stakeholders (e.g. building owners, facility managers, home owners)to gain insights into the condition of their equipment. This“Smart” monitoring system offers many potential benefits and features to users, and is a necessary tool for every smart infrastructure that seeks to leverage on technology to simplify system operations and automate laboriousduties. The software interacts with Building Management Systems (BMS) by analysing energy data and provides feedback to the BMS totrigger certain events or aggregate system information to assist operators with informeddecision-making. Low-cost, non-intrusive hardware, ease of installation and scale-up removes themajor hurdles in financial and technical consideration. The ingeniouscost-effective approach of using basic energy data to detect and predict equipment behaviours is unique and innovative. The technology provider is seeking for potential collaborators to apply this technology in various applications.

Technology Features & Specifications

The smart monitoring technology enables the following features : Power Consumption breakdown – Disaggregate circuit power consumption into equipment power consumption Hazard Sensing – detect unusualpower consumption or unusuallong turn-on cycle for specific loads Abnormality Sensing – Detect abnormal equipment behaviour Habit Sensing – Detect unusual activities or operating modes Power-trip Sensing – Detect when power trip occurs Short-circuit Sensing - Detect specific loadthat cause short circuit Activity Sensing – Detect certain events or non-events that happen at certain time

Potential Applications

The system can be scaled up with ease or customised to specific applications, and be applied to different types of infrastructure, be it residential, commercial or industrial. For example, it can be applied to industrial/commercial environment where it isused to monitor infrastructure equipment for abnormality and serious performance degradation;and the results pushed to a user deviceorsent to an existing Building Management Software for further action. It may also be used in office/residential environment where circuitpower consumption is disaggregated into specifc equipment consumption and used as a Smart Energy Monitoring system. The disaggregated data can then be used forHabit sensing, Abnormality sensing, etc. and the results pushed to the unitowner for decision-making.

Customer Benefits

In the new digital age, it is indispensable for sophisticated infrastructure to incorporate smart sensing technologiesto enhance the safety, efficiency and performance of their infrastructure by giving operators greater insight into the equipment status and freeing them from laborious and repetitive time-comsuming tasks. WattSense delivers all thesebenefits witha cost effective and non-intrusive installation, thereby removing owners'financial and technical hurdles. WattSense presents a series of automaticsensing abilities that takes over tedious human monitoring, thereby freeing up precious manpower to perform more crucial duties. Its realtime abilty to sense equipment hazardputs the operators at ease while at the same time enhancingthe safety of the people in the building. In the quest to enhance equipment optimization,wattSense detects equipment abnormality and trigger users to take action promptly before it snowballs into an unreparable state. This may translate into a sustainable higherenergy efficiency with prolonged equipment life.

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