Non-invasive Energy Monitoring System

Technology Overview

This technology is related to the development of a non-intrusive energy monitoring system which can be deployed in the following applications:

The Smart Home Energy Monitor

In smart home application, the system which monitors home equipment/appliances ‘energy consumption non-intrusively, down to individual appliance. Data is transmitted to the cloud where it is processed and analysed with proprietary algorithm. Smart alerts and activities status is sent to users’ mobile devices for ease of monitoring. Users can also control their appliances remotely using this system.

The Industrial Energy Monitor

In commercial and industrial applications, the system is used for equipment sub-metering and/or as an early warning system. Data is securely transmitted to a central server wirelessly. It comes with a standard software package that entails multiple reporting formats.

Technology Features & Specifications

The Smart Home package comes with a user-friendly application that provides live updates and instant notifications. Appliances identification offers users with greater insight into the home consumption pattern and identify energy guzzlers. Users may also control their home appliances remotely using the mobile application. Daily, weekly, monthly graphs can be retrieved from the cloud instantly.

In the Industrial/Commercial segment, 1 unit can replace up to 5 conventional sub-meters. Installation is non-intrusive and straight forward. Communication can be done through secured WiFi, Bluetooth or Modbus.

Potential Applications

The Smart Home Energy Monitor is suitable for residential homes and can be economically rolled out in new housing developments. Mobile application can be customised to users' needs and/or integrated with existing smart home systems.

The Industrial Energy Monitor can be used for :
1) Sub-Metering
    (a) Monitor power of Infrastructure Equipment
         - Power consumed by infrastructure equipment such as air-              
           conditioners, lifts and lighting can be recorded and stored in 
    (b) Allocation of power consumption for multiple tenants
          - Allocation of costs to each tenants/ department for power                          
             consumption made easier with actual usage record

    (c) Energy audit
           - Power consumption data can be used for fulfilling energy    
              audit requirements

2) Early warning system
    (a) As an early warning system, it initiates pre-emptive maintenance before     
         equipment fails
         - Alert levels for maintenance, based on usage of equipment, can 
           be set to generate a trigger when they are reached 
           e.g. in the maintenance of lifts.
         - Leads to longer asset life.
    (b) Equipment usage comparisons
         - Equipment historical data can be used for equipment usage /  
           efficiency comparison

Customer Benefits

All communications secured and executed wirelessly through users' home network, saving unnecessary wirings and additional data plan. Installation is non-intrusive and straight forward.

Smart Home Monitor - Benefits
Cost effective. Ease of monitoring.
Leads to reduced power consumption and greener environment.
Can be integrated with existing smart home system, thus enhancing users’ benefits.

Commercial /Industrial Monitor - Benefits
1 device can replace up to 5 sub-meters.
Ease of data collection, report generation and upgrades
Flexible configuration
  - 1 or 3-Phases monitoring
  - Possibility of integrating into existing building management systems.
Leads to lower electricity consumption/ lower electricity bills and a greener environment

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