Novel Oblique-Finned Microchannels for Two-Phase Heat Transfer

Technology Overview

This is an invention modified from the conventional straight-finned microchannels via the introduction of oblique cuts at specific locations, leaving obliquely-shaped fins with secondary branching microchannels. These small secondary microchannels provide alternative pathways for bubbles and slugs to escape before growing to channel size and obstructing the flow, which increases flow resistance.

This invention is aimed at the thermal management of high heat flux components and devices by means of two-phase heat transfer, where heat dissipated from the device is high enough to cause the cooling fluid to change phase as it flows pass the microchannels.

Technology Features & Specifications

Application of conditions to the heat transfer device that create two-phase flow.

Potential Applications

Thermal management of electronic devices involving high heat flux dissipation, such as

  • Microprocessors, integrated Circuits (ICs);
  • Electric vehicle (EV), hybrid EV, high power battery packs;
  • Windmill gear box, wind turbine waste heat recovery;
  • Concentrator photovoltaic, solar energy collector;
  • Defense application avionics
  • Air conditioning

Customer Benefits

  • Higher two-phase heat transfer performance
  • Reliable heat transfer
  • Less pumping power
  • Easy fabrication

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