Object Tracking with Dual-Layer Design, Deblurring & Car License Plate Recognition

Technology Overview

This video analytics technology, with licence plate recognition with high speed deblurring, sits on a surveillance system of CCTV cameras and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), giving it 'intelligence' by monitoring actively within the entire camera view. It transforms an ordinary passive system into an active one.

The core engine has the ability to detect, track, trace and alert an operator by means of visual and audible modes, on any individual or group present within a surveillance zone. Any unattended objects such as bags and people who stop moving along its path will be detected and an alert sent to the operator. Additional features are available to minimize false positives. External interferences such as reflections of raindrops, changes in brightness and background in outdoor environments, are being filtered out in the detection and tracking processes. One example is the tracking and sending an immediate alarm when human-like objects are detected walking among moving vehicles in a busy multi-lane motorway.

Apart from the core engine, the Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) coupled with high speed deblurring solution is designed to detect and identify fast moving vehicles entering to a designated area within the camera view, capturing vehicle's license plate number for specific traffic enforcement/control use. Images of vehicles are stored using customized image compression functions. High speed deblurring, image enhancement and checksum functions were developed to enhance and boost recognition rate.

Technology Features & Specifications

Video Analytics key features include:

  • Menu driven, minimum on-­site calibration and adjustment needed, set up time within 30 minutes for most scenes.
  • Records only when object is detected, small folder size.
  • Immediate visual and audio alerts of set situations and recording of footage. Super D1 resolution and HD running at 18/22 fps concurrently for all channels.
  • Applicable to monochrome (CCIR/RS170), colour (PAL/NTSC/IP) and thermal (IR) spectrums.
  • Able to track and continue to follow multiple objects in entire screen, not necessary to pre­define any area of interest. Automatic Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) tracking for capturing of close-up view.
  • Ability to detect both moving and stationary objects concurrently (with different markers), including any unattended and stationary ones.

LPR key features include:

  • Version_1 is suitable for standard Singapore, standard Malaysia, and standard Brunei license plates.
  • Version_2 is able to recognize license plates from Vietnam. (Suitable for all alphanumeric license plates available in the font type list.)
  • CCIR/RS170 monochrome camera or PAL/NTSC/IP colour camera with shutter control, auto iris and backlight compensation.
  • Built-in deblurring function for fast moving vehicle to enhance quality of captured images before recognition.
  • Built-in checksum and country prefix for further improving of recognition accuracy.

Potential Applications

The solution enables on duty round the clock surveillance without any day off or showing signs of fatigue, distraction or loss of concentration, helping to avert an unwanted incident.

The technology can be potentially implemented in many different situations:

  • Intrusion detection in high security area
  • Security surveillance for wide outdoor area with minimum numbers of cameras
  • Security surveillance for events
  • Tailgating alert at restricted-access facility
  • Incident detection

The LPR potential applications in:

  • Traffic / vehicle monitoring and/or enforcement
  • Car park management
  • Any monitoring that requires capturing licence plate of moving vehicles

Customer Benefits

Our technology has dual layers of operations to give it the unsurpassed level of accuracy and reliability:

(i) Detection Layer (Core Engine) and

(ii) Application Layer (Filtering Engine and Plug-ins).

Its Core Engine detects objects based on parameter sets while moving and stationary objects are tracked and distinguished by different markers. Conventional solutions also lack the Application Layer which has the ability to filter unwanted blobs due to fast moving camera, shapes classification, color & position, timing & distance, path tracing, vehicle headlights etc. Additional ‘plug­ins’ are available for specific applications.

Real time alerts are also available in the forms of SMS, MMS and the central monitoring system (CMS).  The CMS is capable of monitoring 32 cameras and reporting positive events with queue buffers. The technology also controls Pelco­-D, IP and Sony PanTiltZoom (PTZ) cameras to capture close-up view of the intruder(s).

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