Offline Instant Messenger between Dynamic Users

Technology Overview

Social media use has increased significantly in recent years due to the different types of social media applications and inexpensive internet connectivity available on mobile devices. Mobile phone users are constantly looking for new, innovative applications to create location-based connections on social networking using an ad-hoc network. This innovative social application allows users to broadcast a limited number of interests within Wi-Fi range and find similar users. A social network is then developed based on the dynamic interests of users and is able to facilitate communication between users through chatting, file sharing, image sharing, etc.

Technology Features & Specifications

The ad-hoc social network enables users to search for friends or individuals of similar interests to communicate and share content with or without the use of the Internet. Ad-hoc network or peer-to-peer (p2p) network is a local area network that connects multiple devices without relying on a base station to coordinate a flow of messages in the network. The dynamic interests are provided by the user of the mobile device or can be automatically extracted based on user behaviour. Once a mobile device receives a request from another mobile device, it decides if a reply or an acknowledgement should be sent back to the requester. The decision to reply is based on similar values required by the mobile device. An improved version is proposed to switch both modes automatically without user effort.

Potential Applications

This application, OffAT – Chat in Airplane Mode, is currently available on Google Play Store. It provides an opportunity to connect strangers with similar interests anytime, anywhere.This application works even without the use of Internet, Wi-Fi network or SIM Card. Hence, the potential of this to go beyond social networking is tremendous, especially during disaster or emergency cases where the normal communication services may not be available.

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