One Password for All Applications

Technology Overview

Our technology is a new two-factor authentication password security solution using the positions of invisible keypad and the randomized keypad. User presses the password positions on the invisible keypad, which is corresponding to the password positions on the visible keypad of the smart phone.Our technology issimilarto OTP as it uses pseudo-randomness or randomness. We are confident that our technology will be the most effective way to greatly enhance ATM security.And especially when using ATMs installed in public places, there is no need to worry about password leakage. We expect to be able to secure your password better than any others.

Technology Features & Specifications

How to use our technology Activate OTK at computer, etc. => Keypad becomes invisible. Check the positions of password on the visible keypad. Press the positions of the password on the invisible keypad. It can be used as a security measure for 2-channel authentication with using a smart phone. OTK is a low-cost solution because it uses smartphones without additional infrastructure.

Potential Applications

Q1: Is user’s account safe if hacker knows user’s password? A1: Yes. Hacker needs our device to log in user’s account. Q2: Is user’s account safe if hacker has your device? A2: Yes. Hacker has to know user’s password. Q3: Is our solution safe against key-logging attack? A3: Yes. Hacker only gets the information of One-Time (randomized)Keypad positions when user inputs password and it is useless.

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