One Stop Solution for Personal Care Testing and Development

Technology Overview

We provide expertise in claims validation of active ingredients and personal care products through our one stop dermatology testing platforms. Our methods adhere to international cosmetic regulations and helps our clients to accelerate their product development and commercialisation. With our extensive network and experience in this industry, we are able to assist companies in their personal care product development from the initial R&D stage all the way to manufacturing and product launch. 

Technology Features & Specifications

Our testing platforms provide a wholesome solution encompassing both pre-clinical and clinical phases of product testing. Our pre-clinical testing platforms include the use of in-vitro 2D and 3D skin culture as well as Asian Human Skin explant. The in-vitro platform is suitable for preliminary testing and compound screenings while our Asian human skin explant and in-vivo clinical testing platform is suitable for claim validation and efficacy testing.

Our expertise also covers regulation and personal care advisory to ensure that the product adheres to cosmetic regulations and current trends.

Potential Applications

Our expertise and capabilities will be indispensable to companies who are entering the cosmetic market or trying to target the Asian market. Our one stop solution eliminates the hassle of finding separate contract research organisations to perform each different stage of testing. We provide personalised solutions to our clients to suit their product need, including but not limited to :

  • Outsourced R&D
  • Product Testing
  • Claim Validation
  • Product Development
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Regulation Advisory & Filing

Market Trends and Opportunities

There is a rising trend of personalised and market-targeted cosmetics such as products claiming to be made for Asian skin. It raises the question of how credible these claims are and what kind of experiments have been done to support these claims. We are experts in the Asian market and our Asian-centric testing platforms help customers to differentiate themselves from competitors who do not test their products on Asian skin. Customers are also getting more knowledgeable in terms of cosmetic efficacy and safety. Therefore, having credible testing data to support your product claims is important to gain consumers' trust and to comply with regulations.

Customer Benefits

  • Assist non-cosmetic companies in their personal care product development and accelerate their commercialisation
  • Accurate claim validation and efficacy testing for ingredients and products
  • One Stop Solution (manage your product testing and development from the start to the end)
  • Asian skin platform (targeted testing)
  • Personalised experiments to suit customers' needs
  • Regulation Consultancy to target different countries
  • Collaboration Opportunities

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