Online Logistics Coordination Network with Modular Services that make Deliveries and Journeys Swifter and Safer

Technology Overview

Traditional logistics management systems are designed to track vehicles and gather data for management reports, failing to connect drivers in the field to customers or real-time services that will coordinate deliveries, routes or journeys in safer or more efficient ways. The result is delays outside customer sites, vast amounts of paperwork for drivers to fill in, and needless waste, risk and emissions during the end to end passenger services or deliveries. 

The team has developed a new online logistics network and mobile app that connects drivers, driver managers and customers in real time, via a series of modules that manage various processes in smart and connected ways; pre-trip vehicle checks, routes and navigation, route/delivery risk profiles, driver comms, claims management, defect and issue reporting, recovery and more, that can be used by every type of commercial fleet operation or grey fleet driver.  

Technology Features & Specifications

Our system removes the barriers in connectivity between supply chain actors, fast-tracking vehicles into sites, notifying customers in advance of delivery, ensuring vehicles are safe, changing drivers behaviours and removing emissions and increments of delays during journeys, routes or deliveries. For example, it takes around ten to fifteen minutes to queue up/exit hand in paperwork and leave most sites, our system automates the arrival/departure process in seconds without the need for drivers to exit their cabs during the whole delivery as paperwork is transferred electronically via the app, saving potentially fifteen minutes off a delivery.

The system also provides value-added services for fleet operators, including expense claims, accident reporting and claims management, customer service channels to report issues, communication channels to ensure drivers read legal updates, safety messages etc boosting compliance and reducing damage, repairs and premiums as well as operational safety and performance. 

Potential Applications

The technology can be used in cross-sector operations by fleet operators or site operators who need manage supplier vehicles in smarter ways, to bus and coach operations, grey fleet drivers, or traditional freight or construction sectors. 

Comprised of modular services, the system is now launching trials in the bus and coach sector, community transport and freight, and has also been identified as having strong applications in the tanker divisions of one of the world largest oil producers and retailers. 

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