Packaging and Storage Optimization Software

Technology Overview

Our technology is twofold and makes it possible to minimize the volume used to ship, store or transport products, reducing costs and improving use of unnecessary space in storage and transport. Firstly, this technology can be used to compute the optimal dimensions of the box, tote or storage location based on large amounts of historical data (eg. material master, order data). Secondly, the technology consists of software that determines for each material or order, which box, tote or storage location is the smallest (cartonization software). Our technology can be of interest to any company which stores products in a warehouse and/or ships them.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our technology consists of two parts:

  1. An offline optimization algorithm, which processes large amounts of order information (eg. order history, material data) and computes the set (box or packaging) dimensions which best fit the order profile.
  2. An on-site installed software algorithm, including the database, which communicates with the Warehouse Management System to process order data and compute the suggested box(es) to ship that order.

Part 2 ensures that the computed dimensions from part 1 are used in the most optimal way. However, it is not necessary to use both; in practice it can be possible to use both technologies in part 1 and 2 independently.

Potential Applications

Our technology can be used at any warehouse or location where products are stored and shipped. The technology is proven in warehouses for medical equipment and sports equipment, specifically shoes.

Market Trends and Opportunities

Our technology is proven to be of added value for distribution of medical equipment and sports equipment such as shoes. It can be beneficial to any products that need to be packed or stored and eventually need to be transported to companies or individuals. It can be customized to food packaging simulation that will eventually help in the overall end-to-end logistic to storefront distribution efficiency.

Customer Benefits

Minimizing the used spaces for products in a warehouse saves space and hence cost. Furthermore, optimizing the packaging dimensions reduces transport costs. For companies which ship light products and via air cargo, shipments are charged based on volumetric weight. Optimizing the packaging dimensions reduced the volume of the shipments and hence result in less shipping costs.

Besides direct commercial value, the technology also saves the use of unnecessary space in transport, resulting in less cargo flights or truck routes which results in less CO2 pollution.

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