Payments System Based on Mobile Phones that Supports Offline Payments and Multiple Accounts in One App

Technology Overview

The system is cost-effective means for solving implementation of payment services in regards to closed-loop and/or open payments systems as: service station networks and/or any kind of retail networks public transportation courier companies food tickets companies e-shops Target users are: fuel retailers and their clients general retailer networks and their clients public transportation services as a part of a smart city solution parking services as a part of a smart city solution courier companies e-shops

Technology Features & Specifications

Our technology is unique in many ways. Most important features are: Payment is possible for payer even if the app is offline Payment can be provided to other party who does not need to have opened account Highest standards of cryptography and security applied Cloud based for highest uptime and response Merchant side will incur low or no extra hardware expenses

Potential Applications

Parking services, public transportation and other payments as a part of smart city solution   Closed loop payments systems of fuel retailers, grocery retailers and other retail networks Payment systems for courier companies Payments systems for any type of online service or eshop Payments for any type of vending machines Any type of self service payments  Closed-loop monetary or non-monetary payments systems on events like festivals, conferences, sport events etc.

Customer Benefits

From payer point-of-view: payer does not need to be online to provide payments  multiple accounts in one app security of payments as payer has full control on amount to be paid anonymity – payer does not need to share any personal or other sensitive information with merchant points of interest with navigation From merchant point-of-view: easy and cost effective implementation of terminal  full control on user management and identification who received payment sharing of payment – one bill can be paid as partial payments from more payers possibility of international VAT reports and refund  easy loyalty program implementation  significantly decreased costs for payment terminals, data processing and payment fees significantly decreased costs for payment cards printing, personalisation and delivery to client significantly decreased costs for payment delivery of PIN codes to client easy international implementation   points of interest with navigation to selected retail/service point

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