Pedestrian Smart Mobility - 3D Indoor positioning and navigation systems with augmented reality/virtual reality for geolocation applications.

Technology Overview

A UK wireless and indoor location software technology company provides mixed reality (Augmented Reality /Virtual Reality) indoor positioning and navigation software as a service platform. Our 3D positioning and navigation system (“3Dindoor GPS”) enables photo-realistic visual navigation for wayfinding and discovery, indoors and outdoors. Its Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality user interface helps with rapid creation of mixed reality (Augmented Reality – AR, and Virtual Reality -VR) and geolocation applications. The location technology is built on our multi-wireless location engine with WiFi, Bluetooth, Ultra Wideband, RFID and Sensor Fusion algorithms. The system provides an accuracy from 1m – 2m for position tracking, and supports geofencing and caching for pedestrians or moveable assets. Our technology solves the problems of indoor geolocation, tracking, counting, and navigation inside buildings or spaces where GPS does not work accurately or reliably. It is suitable for property owners, facility managers, and application developers who want to capture pedestrian counts or motion data, improve user experience, increase loyalty, track assets, and generate more revenue. We are seeking to partner with value added resellers, application developers, solution providers and system integrators who want to develop solutions for customers in vertical sectors including smart cities, tourism, retail, transportation, hospitals, and construction sectors.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our technology is comprised of the following: 1. 3D indoor positioning and navigation software-as-a-service platform that enables rapid creation of indoor geolocation and Augmented Reality /Virtual Reality applications. 2. Multi-wireless geolocation engine (WiFi, Bluetooth, Ultra Wide Band, RFID) and Sensor Fusion algorithms that provide indoor location accuracy from 1m – 2m for position tracking, and geofencing applications. 3. Mixed Reality (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality) Software Development Kit (SDK) engine that enables custom photo-realistic visual mapping and navigation for wayfinding and discovery. 4. Pedestrian Counting and Motion Analytics for usage and behavioural analytics. This solution provides the following advantages over existing solutions: 1. Faster creation of mixed reality (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality) applications. 2. Better customer engagement and interaction with Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality applications and smart rewards. 3. Faster way-finding, asset tracking, and discovery using visual navigation for Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality applications. 4. A simple, personalized, smartphone alternative to confusing fixed maps, permanent signage, and touch screens. 5. Boost sales and awareness with In-App advertising, alerts and geocaching 6. Improved insight into Augmented Reality and real-time data analytics

Potential Applications

1. Smart mobility - solution for smart city urban planners enabling pedestrian counting and asset tracking. 2. Pedestrian Motion Analytics – Understand people motion and obtain behaviour insight at any location. 3. Asset tracking – Create asset tracking and geofencing applications for assets inside any building and remote locations where GPS does not work 4. Tourism – Create Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality application guides for visitor attractions 5. Transport Hubs – Create Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality guides for transit hubs like airports, metro and train stations 6. Hospitals – Create Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality guides for hospitals 7. Retail – Create Wayfinding and Discovery guides for visitors to shopping malls and stores

Customer Benefits

Our 3D indoor positioning and navigation systems help customers who want to capture pedestrian motion data, enable people counting, improved visitor experience, provide better customer engagement, and improve customer interaction. It also enables customers to lower the cost of ownership for installing and keeping signage up to date, lower cost of customer attraction and retention. Our Mixed Reality application platform helps customers create Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications faster. It also lowers the cost of creating and maintaining their applications for a lower total cost of ownership, allows them to go to market faster, and increases revenues through in-App advertising.

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