Platform for Patient Risk Assessment and Behavioural Insights

Technology Overview

The healthcare sector generally does not make use of recent advancements in precision medicine, machine learning and remote monitoring.

  • Healthcare professionals do not have the proper tools and resources to make use of data collected by patients. Thus they cannot deliver new value-added and personalised services in the area of prevention, rehabilitation and well-being.
  • Their patients are challenged by difficulties in adherence to a prescribed care or prevention plan. In order to help them, healthcare professionals need to see patient stories and have a possibility to intervene in real time.
  • Furthermore, patients want to pay for measurable outcomes that they cannot achieve without changes in their behaviour.

The platform educates, gives insights and helps build positive health habits for patients to provide them with healthier lives and futures. The platform provides the doctors with intuitive data visualisations derived from processed patient data. During the process of data analysis, the latest knowledge from data science and healthcare is being applied.

The platform can be used and bought by:

  • Insurance companies who want to have loyalty and benefit programs and manage the risk profile of their patient populations;
  • Healthcare organisations who want to improve their prevention programs and offer something extra to their membership cards;
  • Pharmaceutical companies who want to develop their digiceuticals.
  • Schools who want to create their prevention programs and educate their students about prevention and use of their health data.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology concentrates on effective prevention by forming good habits for patients and offering them valuable insights about their lifestyle. Patients learn new concepts about health, mind and body based on data science and self-monitoring. They play in virtual and real life to achieve personalised goals and ambitions. They can ask for help from a coach, a doctor or even an AI assistant. Doctors get temporary access to granular lifestyle data for better diagnosis and personalised recommendations. Teachers get new tools for interactive education about health and data science. Insurance companies, healthcare organisations or governments get data and insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their prevention programs.

The platform's main product combines three unique technologies:

  • Speedy and secure mobile identification and authentication and consent for data access
  • Analytical model and graphical visualisations for managing the hypertension risk of patients
  • Data integration solution for big data and open data analytics and machine learning.

Potential Applications

The technology can be used in the following applications:

  • Integrating it into a research platform that explores the management of chronic diseases;
  • Creating new personalised digital services for prevention and well-being within an e-health operator;
  • Integrating it within a chronic disease management platform that aims at designing personalised nudges to motivate behaviour change;
  • Helping pharmaceutical companies create a digiceutical - new personalised drug delivery and disease management
  • Building a nation-wide prevention program that plans to detect health risks early for lifestyle intervention to mitigate or even avoid disease progression altogether

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