Pleurotus Black Pasta for Widening Plant-based Choices

Technology Overview

The ready-to-eat (RTE) meal solution has been developed to meet the growing need for healthier food and plant-based products. The vegetarian black pasta, reminiscent of squid ink pasta, has the flavour profile of laksa but without any animal products used. Consumers will only need to re-heat the meal in microwave in minutes.

Technology Features & Specifications

The product has been developed with optimising the ingredients based on their ability to maintain product quality and consistency through the heating/freezing, storage and reheating processes. The plant-based cuisine has been processed to render an extended shelf life of three months under chilled conditions, with the possibility of rendering it shelf stable.

Potential Applications

Ready-to-eat meals; Vending foods


Market Trends and Opportunities

Plant-based diet has emerged as a trend and evolved into a global movement. Changes in the consumers’ tastes has led to the need of more vegan/meat-free products in the retail market. In Asia market, there has been growth in consumers reducing their meat intake for a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, consumers are increasingly concern over the environmental impact of the food production has created a seismic shift towards flexitarian diet. Plant-based ethical and sustainable products will also appeal to consumers who worry about the impact their dietary choices have on the world.

Customer Benefits

The ready-to-eat meal solution is easy-to-prepare, saves time and is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians.

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