Portable Electro-chemical Sensor for Environmental Monitoring and Food Safety Applications

Technology Overview

The monitoring of environmental contaminants has become crucial as they can causeadverse health effects. Regulatory bodies around the world have setstrict limits on the use and emission of these hazardous substances. Ensuring compliance to these regulations is often achieved to chemical analysis in a laboratory, but nowadays there is a pressing need for rapid on-site detection to alleviate the concerns of citizenscontamination events. Aportable electrochemical sensor with specially designed polymers was developedfor sensitive and selective detection of various contaminants for food safety and environmental monitoring applications. This novel sensor can be modified easily to detect different contaminants, thereby offering a convenientand low-cost solution to ensure products are meeting the regulatory limits.

Technology Features & Specifications

Current "state-of-the-art" method for contaminantdetection relies on lab-basedtechnologies such as gas chromatography mass spectroscopy, high performance liquid chromatography & inductively coupled-plasma mass spectroscopy. While thesemethods areextremely accurate, it requires the use of expensive equipment, complex sample preparation resulting in long testing times andtrained personnel. Our sensors can offer the following advantages: Sensitive, reliable and non-destructive out-of-lab analysis Portable analytical instrument for on-site testing of liquid samples. Substances at low concentrations in untreated complex and viscous samples can be readily detected. Rapid, simple and user-friendly Analysis is done in minutes without time-consuming sample preparation steps. Customized solutions based on specially designed polymers Analysis can be customized for targeted screening applications. Cost-effective Simple fabrication (layer-by-layer) process, easy scalability and high sample throughput.

Potential Applications

Private sector industries (Monitoring the emission as well as quality control purpose) Governmental regulation parties (Ensuring the industries fulfilled the regulations’ requirement) Food sectors to screen food toxins(Ensuring the content of food toxins are below the allowed limit) Member of the public (Maintain peace of mind by checking varies toxins in food and water)

Customer Benefits

Compared with the current technique, thesensor system offers a simple sample preparation and no scientific background is required for operation.

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